Vic The Demon

On November 8, 1923, by proclamation of President V. L. Roy and Coach H. Lee Prather, all athletic teams became known as the Demons. The name was decided upon by a contest open to all students with a grand prize of $10.00.

Alma Mater

Isabel Williamson (Mrs. SJ. Cumming) wrote the words to the Alma Mater in 1906.

Demon Fight Song

Larry Powell created the lyrics to the Demon Fight Song in 1970.

Purple & White

Northwestern State University’s official colors are purple and white.

Lady of the Bracelet

In the early 1920s, the Potpourri, Northwestern State University’s yearbook, sponsored the first beauty pageant held on the university campus.

Mr. & Miss NSU

Beginning in 1956 and continuing the tradition today, Mr. and Miss NSU remains the highest honor a student can receive from their peers.

The Legend of Isabella

Isabella was a young French maiden, renowned for her beauty, who once lived in the original Bullard mansion after the Bullards were gone.

Chief Caddo

In March of 1962, the Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin College of Nacogdoches, Texas presented Northwestern State University with a black gum tree trunk from the SFA campus from which a statue was to be carved.

The Rock

The rock, an imposing chunk of limestone, was brought to campus in the summer of 2006 by members of the university staff.

The Demon Head (Demon Medallion)

A fiberglass medallion with a relief of a demon’s face is surrounded by a hexagonal concrete rim. The demon is bald and has horns jutting out above his pointy ears. He has a goatee, two, sharp protruding lower teeth, and a deeply wrinkled face

The SGA Presidents

The presidents of the Student Government Association of Northwestern State University.