Northwestern State University’s official colors are purple and white.

In the 1890s the colors were decided upon by two campus organizations, Seekers After Knowledge Literary Society and the Eclectic Literary Society. S.A.K. colors were purple and gold and E.L.S. colors were white and gold. The two organizations combined their colors and chose purple and white as the official school colors.

Joining the trend of accent colors for athletic uniforms that started in the 1970s, Northwestern students voted to adopt orange as a secondary university color. Several early editions of the block ‘N’ logo used shades closer to red, but by 1978 the choice for a bright orange was solidified among athletic teams, leading to the current version of the official Northwestern State athletic department logo. While not an official color of the university, a standard shade of orange is used for trim on uniforms and gear, and even alternate jerseys today for the Demons and Lady Demons.