Dr. Ben Barron earned a degree in secondary education at Northwestern State in 1957, a master’s in education administration in at Louisiana State University in 1961 and an Ed.D. in elementary education/reading and educational administration at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1967.  He earned elementary certification in 1966.

Barron began his career as an elementary teacher and assistant principal in West Baton Rouge Parish.  His career in higher ed began at the University of Southern Mississippi before his tenure at Northwestern State, which lasted from 1967-2007 when he served in many roles over the years as a professor, assistant dean, director of Educational Research, department head, division director, acting vice president for finance and vice president of University Affairs. He later served as an educational specialist for Pearson Publishing Company as a presenter, consultant and teacher of mini-courses throughout the U.S.

Barron is married to Janice Susan Barron and has three children and five grandchildren.